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When we join your team, you’re getting 40+ years of experience as a leading name in the treating industry. We’ll partner with you to discover what works best to fill your particular needs, in your particular market. That’s why we’ve intentionally built our facilities in locations that maximize our customers’ access to the best products at the best prices.

While our reach may be large, we haven’t forgotten that your individual experience is what matters most. To ensure quality from start to finish, we’ve vertically integrated every step of the lumber treating process so that we can oversee all aspects of your order. Also, our Montgomery office houses all of our order management divisions which allows each order to receive our full attention and your satisfaction.

From the Forest Floor to the Store

Our comprehensive approach to the treating process uniquely sets us up as your premier partner in the lumber industry. We’ve vertically integrated every aspect of the process. While other treaters struggle with market fluctuations and logistical shortages, we’re here to help you maintain the top-level service your customers require.

Our commitment to your satisfaction starts in our Southern Yellow Pine timber stands where we manage the growth and the harvest of our pine trees. Constantly growing, these timberlands contribute to our overall product flow.

Our Louisville sawmill was built in 2019 specifically to reduce the impact of market supply shortages, ensuring we always have access to what our customers need. The ability to mill lumber also helps us ensure we are only using the best quality materials.

In addition to standard dimensional lumber, our on-site remanufacturing facility provides our customers access to both common and custom accessory pieces. These deck specialties provide customers the opportunity to stand out in a crowded market.

We’ve specially outfitted our three lumber treating facilities to offer a wide range of treatment and retention options. Each charge is monitored throughout the process, ensuring that only the best possible product leaves our yard.

To help reduce delivery time and cost, we’ve structured our logistics division with its own fleet of trucks as well as connections with over 800 outside carriers. We’re able to leverage that volume into making sure your shelves aren’t empty while waiting on a truck.

Through it all, our customer service team is available to make sure you are completely satisfied with every order from start to finish.

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